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Tamil Nadu is a unique and fascinating State, where technology co-exists with tradition; where old architecture blends with contemporary vitality and where nature is at its best. This makes Tamil Nadu a year round destination, which can be broadly grouped under the following heads:

  • Hill Resorts : They are a beautiful mix of mountain ranges, Plains, Lush Green landscapes, exotic plants and shrubs, and grassy Hillocks. Here tourism remains environmentally benign. Popular and notable hill resorts are Udhagamandalam, Kodaikanal and Yercaud.
  • Beach Resorts : Tamil Nadu occupies 1000 km of the Coastline out of national length of 7100 km coast line. Tamil Nadu coast line is exotic with sugar-white bays and sun drenched beaches. Marina in Chennai, is the Second Longest beach in the world. The Marina beautification plan initiated by the State Government has restored Marina to its past glory and it is widely appreciated by all who visits this beach line.
  • Water Falls : The rushing waters of the Colossal Cascades presents an awesome spectacle. Hogenakkal, Kutrallam, Thirparappu, Kumbakkarai, Papanasam and so on are some of the popular water falls in Tamil Nadu.
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries : Mudumalai, Anamalai, Mundanthurai, Kalakkadu attracts the attention of youth and wildlife enthusiasts.
  • Zoological Parks : They have abundant wildlife population that can be viewed , enjoyed and appreciated in their natural Habitat.
  • Bird Sanctuaries : Migratory visitors from across globe sea can be seen in close range in this sanctuary, during their trip down here. When they find the climate too hot to handle in their country they take a flight to reach here.
  • Botanical / Horticultural Gardens : Are in plenty for those who have a green thumb and for those who can understand the aesthetics of colour and fragrances. These gardens are immaculately well maintained to provide a visual feast.
  • Temples – Churches – Mosques : This co-existence or worship houses, makes one and all to understand and appreciate the claim of Unity in Diversity. This speaks of brotherhood among different cult, classes and claim. The wealth of the artistry and sensitivity that goes into the idols, carvings that are exquisite and extravagant makes the tourist feel generously spirited. Though the carvings, statues, pillars are delicate and distinct, they are integrally linked with each other. It displays the ingenuity and artistic skill of sculptors and artisans. Some of these pilgrim centres are even older than 1000 years and attracts millions of tourists during various cultural and religious gathering.
  • Heritage Monuments : This is where the architecture is unique and inspiring. They are the marvels of the engineering of the bygone era. There are 32 World Heritage Properties in India out of which 25 are Cultural Properties and 7 are Natural Properties. The diverse culture of India has a treasure of its yester year’s architectures and traditional design. Monuments of India not only stand as the witness of a country's past but they are also the pillars of Protection guarding the cultural heritage.
  • Mangroves : Mangroves of the Pitchavaram [Cuddalore District] backwaters , in an area of 28 acres, are one of the largest mangroves of its kind in the world. Mangroves are also found in Muthupettai in Thirvarur District .
  • Lakes : The Pulicat Lake is the second largest saltwater lagoon in India after Chilka Lake in Odisha.