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Crocodile Park

Rom and Zai Whitaker established the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust in 1976 with a specific goal of breeding the crocodile population of the Mugger .

Guindy National Park

The 2.70 km� CHENNAI - Guindy National Park, is unique in more ways than one.
Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary
Vedanthangal Lake is at an altitude of 122 m. This Bird Sanctuary established in 1858 in an area of 70 acres, is 85 kms from Chennai
Gulf Of Manner Marine National Park
This Marine park of Mannar spreads along 560 Km stretch between Rameswaram and Tuticorin. It is lying within the Bio Sphere of Mannar
Mukkurthi National Park
Short 45 Kms drive from Udhagamandalam, martenspread over an area 79 km on the south eastern corner of the Nilgiris Plateau.

Srivilliputhur Sanctuaries

srivilli Squirrel wild Life Sanctuary: Located at Srivilliputtur at an altitude that varies from 100 m to 200m, Spreads over a 480 km² of area. This was declared as a sanctuary in December 1989 as the Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary shares a common border: on the South western side with Periyar Tiger Reserve, On the North Western side with the Megamalai Reserve Forest, Its southern border limit with the Sivagiri Reserved Forest of Tirunelveli Forest Division. Large part of the Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary lies mostly in Virdhunagar District and partly in the Western Ghats ranges lining Madurai district. It receives both southwest and northeast monsoons. The varied climate and topographic conditions prevailing in the sanctuary present remarkable diversity both in Flora and Fauna. It is the eastern watershed boundary for the river Periyar and one of the best preserved forests south of the Palghat Gap . The tributaries of the river Vaipaar originates from the hill tracts of the Sanctuary and the average rainfall is between 200 to 2000mm. Hot tropical climate prevails in the upper elevations. The sanctuary has a wide range of habitats - Upper Montane forests and grasslands at higher elevation; Wet Evergreen at mid elevation and Semi Evergreen, Moist Deciduous, Open Deciduous, Closed Deciduous forests and scrub jungles at the foot hills. The sanctuary has one Medicinal Plant Conservation Area (MPCA) located at Thaniparai.

Other Information

Location 45 kms from Virudhunagar town
Forest type Mainly dry deciduous with patches of tropical evergreen forests, Semi-evergreen forests, moist mixed deciduous forests and grassland.
Animals found   Grizzled giant squirrel, Flying squirrel, Tree shrew, Elephant, Lion-tailed Macaque, Nilgiris tahr, Mouse deer, Barking deer, many species of birds.
Annual rainfall    200 - 2000 mm
Nearest airport Madurai � 100 kms.
Nearest Railway station Srivilliputhur � 15 kms.
Best season Throughout the year
Accommodation Forest Rest House at Mudungiar, Pudupatti, Mudaliaroothu, P.W.D. Rest Houses at Srivilliputhur.
For more details The Wildlife Warden, Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary, 118, North Veedi, Srivilliputhur.