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Trichy Rockfort
Rockfort Pillayar Temple :
The fort was built in 1660. At the main entrance there was a big dias suppoted by a 1000 pillars which was demolished in the 1772 explosion, the other part that remains unaffected consists of the China Bazaar, shops and establishments.
Rockfort Pillayar temple is the land mark for Trichy city, and thats why Trichy is called as the "Rock City". Rockfort is approximately 300 ft. high and the main deity is the Lord Ganesh ("Uchchi Pillayar"). Its is situated at the heart of Trichy City.

When English ruled India, Robert Clive had his fort near this temple. Clive's office is converted into a shopping complex today and its called as Clive's building.

A tank and a pavilion at the foot of the Rock Fort set the scene for the temple's Float festival. Though the Fort does not exist today, it bears the reminiscence of many historical wars.

Shree Meenakshi Sundareswarar TempleSrirangam Ranganathasamy Temple:  Srirangam ("Thiruvarangam") SriRanganathasamy temple is very close by to Thiruvanaikoil temple. This temple is also called as "Boologa Vaikuntam". Even after many invasions by Moghal kings, this temple still stands without loosing its beauty and fame. "Sri Ranganathar" is the main deity of this  temple and the "Ranganayaki" is the goddess. Srirangam is considered as the capital of vaishnavas. To add to its pride this temple has the tallest temple tower in the World, the Rajagopuram of this temple was built ob 1983 and its 236ft tall. For 'Vaikunta Yekaadesi' pilgrims come from all over the World, its a 20 days celebration.

Shree Meenakshi Sundareswarar TempleSamayapuram Mariamman Temple: Sri Samayapuram, lying a few kilometres from Trichy lodges the idol of Sri Mari Amman, Sri Ganesh and Sri KarupannaSwamy. When devotees are infected with Chicken Pox, they pray to this goddess for relief, who immediately comes to the rescue of the ailing devotees. Pujas are performed every month in accordance with auspicious dates, and the annual temple fair is held in April May. The goddess is also called as ‘Kamanur Mari Amman’, because Her consort is believed to have been brought form the village of Kamanur, which is near Samayapuram. The goddess is very powerful, and lamps are lit during specific times to appease and please her. The powerful principle of Shakti is depicted in this goddess.