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Nagore Dargah is dedicated to Meera Shahib Abdul Qadir Hajrath Shahul Hamid Badshah . He was a spiritual leader and lived between 1490–1579. He was fondly called as Mian SAHIB. The Dargah is 5 Kms from Nagapattinam. It is established in an area of 5 acres with four impressive entrances on all four directions. The 131 ft tall Minaret called ‘Periya Minara’ was built by the Thanjavur King Pratap Sing in the 18TH Century, about 200 years after Meeran Sahib passed away. It is believed that a carpenter who was cured of his disease by the miracle of Mian Sahib, presented him a pair of sandals made from finest wood. The same was used by Mian Sahib and it is said to be kept in a Golden Box next to the tomb. Kanduri festival is a 14-day event that is celebrated as the annual urs(anniversary). The festival is celebrated in commemoration of the saint's death anniversary and pilgrims from various religions participate in the festival. The festival is also seen as a sacred solidarity of mixed faith of Hindus and Muslims. There are three other prominent mosques; one near Nagai Pudhur Road, one near the new bus stand, and another at Moolakadai Street. A mosque located in the Dargah complex where people come and pray. Friday Prayer or Juma Prayer attracts thousands of muslims for the noon prayer.  

Mian sahib was born in Manikpur of Ayodyapuri and at the age of 5 he was qualified as Hafiz al Quran. He was a great scholar in Arabic and Persian. He went to Gwalior at the age of 18, to be the disciple of Syed Mohammed Houdu Sathari, a Preacher and Social Reformer. Mian Sahib took over the service and followed the foot steps of his Teacher and taught many youngsters about Islam and took them to the Ajmer Dargah and then to Meeca and Medina and performed Hajj. On his return, he began his Islamic Tabligh and he reached Kayalpattinam of the then Thanjavur Kingom via Ponnali Harbour of Malabar Coast. King Achuthappa Nayakar of Thanjavur, had donated 5 acres of land on which the Dargah Shrine is located, as a gesture for curing the disease the Kings was suffering from.

Vanjur Shrine is located 2 Kms from the Dargah where Mian Sahib meditated for nearly 40 days in an underground cave. One Km from the main campus is the Silladi Shrine over looking Bay of Bengal. Thousands of Pilgrims throng this Dargah every day with the belief that Mian Sahib still blesses and cures all ailments including the Mental illness.