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Tamil Nadu is known especially for its blue beaches and sunny skies. Some of south India's spectacular beaches More...

7DX Theatre

The 7DX Theatre located near Mahabalipuram bus stand screens India's first and only historical 7DX movie, Pallava Dynasty - A time travel.. More...

VGP Snow Kingdom

Hot. Humid. Summer, 12 months of the year! These are some of the words you may associate with Chennai. But VGP Snow Kingdom, a snow leisure family entertainment centre.. More...


imgimgThyagarajar [Father of Carnatic Music] Music Festival is celebrated annually in the month of January for Eight Days at Thiruvaiyaru, the birth place of Saint Thyagarajar. This festival is popularly called as Thyagaraja Aradhana. On Pushya Bahula Panchami, the day when Saint Thyagarjar attained Samathi [ passed away] and this day which falls during January is celebrated as Aradhana. Carnatic Musicians of all denominations from all over the world , converge here to honour the embodiment of Carnatic Music – Thyagarajar.

Arubathumoovar Festival : This is the Annual Colourful Procession of replicas of all the 63 Nayanmars [Saivite Saints] called Arubathu Moovar, during the Brahmotsavam Festival of Kapaleeswarar Temple at Mylapore in Chennai. The procession goes around the Four Mada Veethi [four streets around the temple]. Thousands of people turn out on this day and the Chariot Festival day of the Brahmotsavam. This takes place in the month of Panguni(MAR/APR)

Summer Festival : Udhagamandalam or popularly called as Ooty hosts the Summer Festival in this exotic hill station during the month of May. It is the time when thousands of Local and International tourists flock to this pleasant Tourist Location. Cultural Programs, Flower show and a special Rose Show of nearly 8000 varieties, Fruits and Vegetables Shows, Boat race and Pageantry tops the list celebrations during the Summer Festival. Apart from these activities, there will be many more to please the visitors. At Kodaikanal the district administration conducts a 10-day summer festival as well as two-day flower show at Bryant Park. Dog show , Colourful Boat pageant, Fishing, Sports, track and field events, Cultural programmes, Special programs for women are some attractions of this 10 day festival at Kodaikanal. Likewise many smaller hill stations too hold such entertainment packages during summer.

imgSaral Vizha : Saral Vizha is a ceremony which involves bathing in the Courtallam Waterfalls. The bathing at the magnificent waterfalls is believed to welcome prosperity and well being. The event is magnified into a ritual which is believed to bring about a pleasant change in the life and body of the devotees. The waterfalls endowed with medicinal properties helps to tone the body and wash away the toxins collected in the body. This helps in the smooth functioning of the human body, and the mind and brings about a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Kanthuri Festival : It is a truly secular festival, where devotees flock to the shrine of saint Quadirwali. One of the descendants of the Saint is chosen as a Peer or spiritual leader, and is honoured with offerings. On the tenth day of the festival, the Saint's tomb is anointed with sandalwood, and later the holy sandal paste is distributed to everyone. . This is popularly called as Santhana[ sandal] Koodu Festival. The sandal paste is distributed to the devotes.

imgKavadi Festival : Kavadi Attam is a ceremonial sacrifice and offering practiced by devotees during the worship of Lord Murugan. It is the special feature of the Tahaipoosam and emphasizes debt bondage [nerthi kadan]. The kavadi is two light weight bamboo basket supended on both the ends of a long Bamboo stick and carried on the shoulders by the devotee. Devotees dance to the tune of accompanying instruments along the pilgrimage route and also at the Temple bearing these Kavadi. The baskets are normally filled with Flowers or any thing else vowed by the devotee. This Kavadi concept is the result of the legend which says: Idumban carried two sacred hillocks suspending them on both the ends of a pole and carried it on his shoulders.

imgVelankanni Festival : The Portuguese Sailors in the 16th Century who passed the Nagapattinam coast is believed to have vowed to build this church as a gratitude to Virgin Mary who saved their ship from sinking during a storm. The Church is called locally as Arokiya Matha Church . The festival is held between 29th August to the 8th of September every year . Car Festival in the evening and cultural programs follow after the Car Procession. Pilgrims from all walks of life beyond the religious barriers gather here to witness the colorful festival. Miracles have earned this church the name Lourdes of the East. Velankanni is famous for its annual 'Feast of Our Lady' celebrated for 10 days during August-September, starting on 29th August.

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Tamil Nadu is a land of many festivals. January marks the beginning of the festival season in the state. More...

Isha Yoga Center

Thirty three kilometers from the hustle and bustle of Coimbatore rise the Vellaiyangiri Hills, located at an altitude of 6000 feet. More...

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