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Thanjavur one of the 32 Districts of Tamilnadu, is popularly known as the Delta area and the Rice Bowl of Tamilnadu. It is believed that Thanjavur derived its name from Mythical Demon Tanjan. Thanjavur is 350 Kms from the State Capital Chennai. This district is a treasure house of Religion, Art and Architecture. There isn’t any clear information about the history of the earlier Thanjavur. As per the earliest sources of information , the Medivial Cholas ruled and developed their empire between the 9th and 14th centuries, with Thanjavur as their Capital. Raja Raja Cholan was the prominent ruler amongst the Chola emperors . Thereafter, Pandiyas, Nayaks of Madurai, Thanjavur and the Marattahs have ruled this region. The cultural, Architectural and the scholarly pursuits of these rulers are reflected in the form of great monuments like Grand Anaicut, Big Temple and Serfoji Mahal Library [now called as Saraswathy Mahal Library] and so on. Many Temples of Thanjavur termed as “Great Living Chola Temples”, have been classified as the World Heritage Monuments by the UNESCO.

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Sl. No Type of Rooms Tariff
1. Mini Double Room Non A/c Rs.1400/-
2. Mini Double Room A/c Rs.1700/-
3. Double Room Non A/c Rs.1700/-
4. Double Room A/c Rs.2100/-
5. Deluxe Double Room A/c Rs.2700/-
6. Triple Bed Room A/c Rs.2700/-
7. Suite A/c Rs.3800/-
8. Family Room Non A/c (8 Bedded) Rs.3000/-
9. Additional Member A/c Rs.500/-
10. Additional Member Non A/c Rs.350/-

With complimentary breakfast
GST extra as applicable.


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