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Is again a rice oriented, very thin and round shaped Dish that belongs to the entire South India Including Tamil Nadu  More...


Filter Coffee is considered as a cultural icon of every South Indian Family. It is also called ‘degree Coffee’ or ‘Kumbakonam Degree Coffee’ by many. Newspaper and a Cup of Filter coffee are two inseparable twins and they have



TANDOOR may not find its root from the house hold kitchen of Tamil Nadu, but occupies the tables of a Dining room very often both at Home and in a Restaurant. TANDOOR is believed to have got this name from Akadian term called Tinuru [ Tin means mud and nura means fire] bell-shaped oven, which can either be set into or above the earth and fired with wood or charcoal reaching very high temperature upto 480 degrees and many a time fat is removed from the cooked out item at this heat. T his is a changed form of the generally used, movable version of hot plates. This is a good alternative for the health conscious eaters to avoid frying in oil or use of excess of oil.

Tandoori chicken is a roasted chicken delicacy that originated from Punjab, where the Chicken is marinated in Yogurt and seasoned with a mixture of aromatic spices called as the GARAM MASALA cooked in the bell shaped Mud oven at very high temperature. Preferably Hard White Fish and other Meat substitution creates scope for many more Tandoor Recipies. Food colouring is used in permitted grades to give it exotic look and it can also be prepared in traditional grill format too.

I ndian Bread or Roti and its variations of Naan and Paratha, Chicken Tikka [boneless chicken cooked on Tandoor Skewers], Kalmi Kabab [South Asian favourite of Chicken Drumsticks cooked in Tandoor], SAMOSA , a Central Asian delicacy with variety of stuffing and typically cooked in Tandoor] are some of the favourite Tandoori Items available to relish.

India, Pakistan and Afghan Tandoor have their root to the Indian side of Punjab Region .Some villages in pubjab even had Community Tandoors before the Indian Independence. Electric Tandoor an innovative version to suit the present day’s trend has found fabricators invent more such options or upgrades. Cooked in the Original Clay Tandoor is the best retainer of the Swadh that pleases the taste buds.