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Is again a rice oriented, very thin and round shaped Dish that belongs to the entire South India Including Tamil Nadu  More...


Filter Coffee is considered as a cultural icon of every South Indian Family. It is also called ‘degree Coffee’ or ‘Kumbakonam Degree Coffee’ by many. Newspaper and a Cup of Filter coffee are two inseparable twins and they have


SNACKS /PAYASAM / KHEER : Generally a Full Course of meal is not complete without a desert. Desert comprises of Payasam, Kheers [called in North India] Juices and extremely delicious Sweets ice creams and PAYASAM is a popular and most liked Sweet Beverage preparation, of the South India usually made with Sugar or Jaggery as sweetening ingredient is served HOT during family functions or festivals. Rice Flakes, Semolina, Sagoo, Semia, Dhal[s] are used as variations to prepare Payasam to suit the occasion and people. Festival occasions or social gathering will find a spread of varieties of Ice reams and Fruit Salads with seasonally available fruits. KHEERS are generally a North Indian desert prepared from Badam, Cashew or Mixed Dry Fruits and served CHILL. SWEETS are the sweetness of Festive occasion. Generally sweets are made from Gram flour, adding Sugar , Ghee and dry fruits gives the swadh. Laddu, Mysorepak, Badhushah, Jangiri / Jilebi, Halwa, Jamun are some regular sweets made for the occasion. These days, variety of sweets spread on Festive Dining table ranges from the Bengali Rasgullas, Rajasthani Sohan Halway, Gujiya from Uttar Pradesh, Puran Poli from Maharashtra, Mohandal from Gujarath along with other sweets on the platter. From the Juices Counter: Creamy Lassi, Kheers, Juices of Fresh Fruits with exotic cocktails of mixed fruits and Payasams are some items commonly liked by all. These beverages are consumed even on normal days. SNACKS like Mixture, Murukku, Pakodas, Salty and Spicy Chips / wafers and a Coffee / Tea makes evening snack time favourites.