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Is again a rice oriented, very thin and round shaped Dish that belongs to the entire South India Including Tamil Nadu  More...


Filter Coffee is considered as a cultural icon of every South Indian Family. It is also called ‘degree Coffee’ or ‘Kumbakonam Degree Coffee’ by many. Newspaper and a Cup of Filter coffee are two inseparable twins and they have


Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Gravies and Dry Food Varieties with Different Combinations of Aloo [Potato] , Peas, Panneer, Palak, Dry fruits, fresh fruits, Chicken, Mutton and Fish along with aromatic spices provide excellent accompaniments to the North Indian Varieties of Rotis Pulav, Rotis, Biriyani and other Rice items. Bhojpuri, Kashmir, Mughal, Punjabi and Rajasthani are some favourite cuisines from the Northern States. Northern Cuisine is believed to have a strong Central Asian influence and flavours. A Long and Aromatic BASMATI rice is used to prepare all rice items, especially in preparing Pulav, Biriyani and all varieties of Fried Rice delicacies all over the world. chapati

Pulav is a spicy rice [Long Basmati Rice] dish prepared with steam cooked rice, assorted Vegetables, Spices topped with Ghee. Uniqueness of this easy mixed vegetable pulao recipe lies in use of bay leaf, cinnamon and cloves which provides exotic and aromatic feel that is simply mouth watering. If Chicken, Mutton, Fish, Prawn and Egg or any thing fits this list is substituted for the vegetables it becomes very Tasty Non-vegetarian Pulavs. Sindhi, Hyderabadi and Kashmiri style of non-vegetarian pulav finds more takers. Shahi Pulav, Navratan Pulav and Nawabi Kheema Pulav are some Vegetarian special preparations. Kashmiri dishes will find Fresh and Dry fruits with sweetened taste. Hyderabadi dishes will be more hot and more spicy. The Tamil Nadu design will be moderately hot and more spicy. The preparation style and ingredients specific to a region or taste related to the people differs from place to place. Climate too plays an important role to decide food style.

Biriyani's origin is uncertain. Like Pulav, Briyani is also a rice specific dish. Mughal Influence brought Briyani to Delhi. Awadhi Cuisine of Lucknow and Hyderabadi Biriyani and Ambur Biriyani [Tamil Nadu] are some of the popular Briyani recipe brands available in the country. Briyani preparation may look similar to that of Pulav but people say it has a different flavor.