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Is again a rice oriented, very thin and round shaped Dish that belongs to the entire South India Including Tamil Nadu  More...


Filter Coffee is considered as a cultural icon of every South Indian Family. It is also called ‘degree Coffee’ or ‘Kumbakonam Degree Coffee’ by many. Newspaper and a Cup of Filter coffee are two inseparable twins and they have

Steamed rice is the base of all varieties of food in Tamil Nadu. Different spices, vegetables and other ingredients mixed with variation brings out different dishes. Cooked rice is the main ingredient of any variety of rice dishes to be made. Tamarind juice well boiled, by adding spice with required salt and topped with oil simmered well, mixed with cooked rice, gives the popular Tamarind Rice. Like wise Tomato, Coconut and Curd are used as different ingredients with required spices to get the desired dishes to be called by their ingredients. Variety rice dishes does not stop with this. People find innovations in culinary tastes from time to time and new dishes appear in different names on the Menu Card very often.