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Is again a rice oriented, very thin and round shaped Dish that belongs to the entire South India Including Tamil Nadu  More...


Filter Coffee is considered as a cultural icon of every South Indian Family. It is also called ‘degree Coffee’ or ‘Kumbakonam Degree Coffee’ by many. Newspaper and a Cup of Filter coffee are two inseparable twins and they have


Dosa - is again a rice oriented, very thin and generally round shaped Dish that belongs to the entire South India Including Tamil Nadu. The base is made out of fermented Rice and Lintel batter, at times with other combinations as well. It has variations in taste, size and content, widely liked by one and all from around the globe as well. It is believed this dosa is connected with UDIPI and thinner varieties were promoted by the eating outlets of Udupian’s of Karnataka State. Traditional Dosa was a little bit thick, done on a iron Tawa [round and flat pan] this was and is still called as Kal Dosa. Ultra thin, Crispier, Lengthy and Tasty with loads of fillings and ingredient Dosas are available through out India. Variations with diet conscious Wheat flour, Ragi Flour and Methi Dosa; stomach filling Masala Dosa and Stuffed Dosas; delicious Varietes  like Rava Dosa [semolina and Curd], Paneer Dosa, Onion Dosa, Oats Dosa and many more with a slice of Butter or Ghee are few types Dosa's worth mentioing. Varieties of Oothappams are some popular Dosa Dishes from over 100s of varieties available on the menu cards of the restaurants and also tried at home.

Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore and the Western Countries like UK, the U.S.A. have exclusive and Big Dosa outlets trying out almost all variations to suit the local taste and regional preferences.